8 Reasons Why Being Late/Unprepared Screws your Band

Artists can be flakes.  Any one working in the creative community is aware of this. Here’s why you SHOULD always make an effort to be on time if you want to last in the music industry. This goes for recording albums, shooting music videos, media requests and making important meetings. If you want to make it you have to put this aside any personal issues from your career and just show up on time no matter what.  I mean, at the end of the day, why would you skip out on your dream by being late for someone that could help it become a reality?

But isn’t there management to look after this for me?  Chances are though, that if you’ve gotten there, you’ve successfully navigated your career up until that point and know the value of showing up fully-prepared and replying to important emails.

The age old saying of Time is Money rings truer each time I am left with a latte quickly going cold waiting  for my next meeting…

  1. If people are meeting with you they have already invested time into researching your band.
  2. They have developed strategies and/or possible marketing tactics to expose your band to a wider audience.
  3. They have at least given a good listen to the songs that you have sent them and visited your website or read your press release.
  4. They don’t need to meet with you.  If you need their help, influence, etc. there are probably another 100 bands that are in just as dire straights.
  5. By being reliable, honest and personable band that can work within deadlines set by these important career influencers, you are far more likely to go far than a band that always shows up hungover and loses documentation because it’s a “last minute” request.
  6. They have come prepared to meet with you.  Respect. Even if you’re paying them, they are professionals (or at least possess winning professional attitudes) so don’t waste their time.
  7. The early bird, you know, gets the worm.  Canadian Music Week’s Expert sessions is a great example of this.  You can sit down with the top industry experts in the world just by queuing up in advance.
  8. The music industry is dominated by strict calendars and deadlines. We only have so much time for you project, so even when we do first meet we could be over the moon, if you don’t follow up with our emails quickly to set the thing in motion, we could find the next big thing that’s the total opposite of your band which could lead them to the harsh reality of never working with you again.

… and at the end of the day if you are going to be late or unprepared, email, call, message and let that person know!  Inspiration comes at the most unexpected moments demanding something be written right then and there, living situations fluctuate between tours, shitty temp jobs need to be found shifts for and fights with girlfriends/partners upon return are inevitable.  They’re humans too and are usually pretty understanding.

Now go start putting dates into your Google calendar for your next band meetings!