What your Band Facebook Event is Missing – PART 2

We started this crazy train last week and you know we at YouRockRed want an audience to turn up! Don’t be the band that forgets the date! This is part 2 of how to create the most effective band FB event.

Admission cost

-          Include cost ALWAYS- it won’t scare away your audience, it’s essential!

-          Include link to online tickets if applicable

-          Let people know where they can buy advance tickets in person with the record store/distro hyperlinked. E.g. Vertigo Records $10/advance

-          Spell out ADVANCED when it comes to writing the ticket price, e.g. “$10 advance/$14 door”

-          If you’re doing a Pay-what-you-can, don’t be scared of asking for a “PWYC- Suggested Donation $5”  People are generally willing to chuck in what you ask, if not a bit more.

Time of Event

-          This seems basic but seriously, check with the venue and promoter.  You can’t start at show at 5 p.m. and if the confirming email says that, it’s probably load-in time for ONLY your band.

-          Get your am’s/pm’s right!  Don’t write 12 p.m. if you’re playing at midnight! This fucks up the entire venue listing time!

-          The show doesn’t start when your band plays.  Include when the DOORS open and if possible when the rock starts. E.g. Doors 8 p.m./ Rock 9 p.m.

Sponsored Events

-          Spell your sponsor’s name right!

-            Link or at hyperlink their name

-          If they are the title sponsor include “X Company presents…  Mother’s Heroes” in the event NAME

-          Include that same sponsorship intro as the FIRST line people read when they get to the FB event page

Extra info:

-break up any extra info with a few “enters” or “***”

- hosted by? Include if there’s a celeb host/comedian/burlesque gal hosting or MC’ing the event

Social media

-          Include a website where your fans can hear your music (Bandcamp, official .com, just don’t leave us hanging)

-          Twitter

-          Official Twitter hashtag for the event

-          Facebook page if possible for the ACTUAL event or organization


Goodluck, and keep rocking!