What Your Band Facebook Event is MISSING- PART 1

This might seem really basic but instead of just shaking your head we at YouRockRed decided to hook you up with a checklist so you can pack that club full of your music fans!

*Tune in next week when we hook you up with a TEMPLATE you can print and check off to be super organized, you smarty-pants rockstars, you!

PART 1- You must include: 


-          Include ALL info when it comes to this and double check

-          Include the Weekday/end day.  Spell OUT Saturday.  Spell out MAY.  Don’t just write “We’re playing 6/11.” SPELL IT OUT.

Venue info:

-          Venue name AND address with STREET NUMBER (if it’s difficult to find, let people know to turn left at the pizza shop concisely)

-          Venue in the facebook map

-          The venue name spelled correctly (if your fans are driving from out of town you don’t want them to turn up at the wrong Il Mocambo when it’s actually El Mocamba right?

-          If the event is 19+, all Ages, 18+, 21+, kid-friendly

-          If there is parking nearby

-          Buses to take there and nearby stops to get off at (if it’s in a weird place and public transit ends early, let people know so they can catch their rides home!)

-          Dress code? I know you’re not Arcade Fire but if the band is doing a themed-party, say Flapper-style, let your audience know they’re expected to dress to impress… or better yet, throw them “$1 off for coming in costume”

Band Info:

-          List of bands spelled correctly

-          List them in order of performance, not how YOU’D like to play. E.g. We know you’re not headlining over Arcade Fire.  List accordiningly.

-          Define what genre they are e.g. “Mother’s Heroes- folk-rock from Winnipeg” – this is especially helpful for newer bands your audience may not be familiar with

-          List ALL bands you’re playing with including the opening DJ.  Don’t burn bridges and be an asshole because the bass player of the opening band once slept with your ex-gf.  Like it or not, listing their band will DRAW more people to see YOUR band.

-          Websites after the band where you can find out more info.  If they have a Facebook page “@xband” to be hyperlinked automatically


-          Labels associated with them, “e.g. Mother’s Heroes – Saddle Creek Records”

-          Any recent press, “Mother’s Heroes are Winnipeg’s answer to Bob Dylan- Jian Ghomeshi, CBC’s Q”

Is your event a fundraiser?  What charity? 

-          Include links to the charity, possible a brief sentence or two about why the event is benefiting this organization/person/dog-rescue crew.