DIY Rock and Roll Halloween Costumes

Do you wait until last minute to come up with a cool and creative costume for the witching hour?  We’ve done the work for you with some super easy to throw together (or at least borrowable) edgy rock and roll themed costume suggestions from Bob Dylan to High-Fidelity inspired broken mixtape.  Let us know what you’re being for Halloween in the comments below or come say hi at the Zombie Stripper’s show with Fevers on Thursday night at Babylon.

Broken Mixtape

Channel your inner Rob Gordon from High Fidelity and hit up your local Salvation Army’s tape bin.  Snap those babies apart and affix uncurled tape ribbons to a black t-shirt, preferably of The Cure/Morrissey persuasion with a glue gun or even a safety pins will work great.  Broken heart’s made out of red cardboard construction paper and covered in sparklies will not go unnoticed  by pretty witches in the club.  Make sure to let everyone know the Mixtape Rules whenever anyone asks about your costume.


Janis Joplin

Forget generic hippy-lady, tease your hair, grab some rose-coloured glasses or heart-shaped, splash on some patchouli oil and reach for hippie gear.  A.k.a. bell-bottoms, birkenstocks, tie-dye, and fingers constantly affixed with peace signs or funky cigarettes. janis joplin style


For the single ladies, GTOs or Girls Together Outrageously is a great option.  Frank Zappa would never cheat on his wife but he certainly helped foster talent of the original LA groupies that would drape themselves in 1920s lingerie, raccoon-like eyeliner, flowers in their hair and embodied the boho-chic style to the point where they’d be followed around whenever they’d go down to the Whisky Bar to bed a rock star.  Bonus if one of the gals goes as Zappa with a full ‘stache.


Bob Dylan 

Customize your own lyric placards with a. pick-up lines b. ways to get free drinks c. messages to the Man or d. Halloween greetings! This one is easy.  You probably already already have a button-down and vest in your closet somewhere.

Elton John

We’re suggesting Yellow Brick Road era.  Think Liberace-loud.  Rhinestone jump-suit zipped only halfway up the chest to reveal gold chains under a fake fur-stole and glittered huge circle framed sunglasses.  Platforms or shiny boots are a must.

elton john

Jimmy Page

Grab your sexiest Chinese silk kimono (or borrow a lady-friend’s), a curly-maned dark brown wig, slip into some skin-tight leather pants/leggings and a double-necked guitar across your back.  Don’t have one laying around?  Make a cut out of a double-necked guitar from some dollar-store bristol board.


Lou Reed

The man was all things effortless-cool style was about.  Don either a dapper polished suit or CBGB’s t-shirt under a leather jacket, distant-glazed over look and a banana in your pocket.  (The baggie full of cornstarch doubling as “Heroine,” is up to you.) Suggested props include Allen Ginsberg costumed fellows and tall Swedish blonde femme fatales.

lou reed

Sid and Nancy

For the love birds this one may be a given as a couple’s costume but covering yourself with blood and looking like a burnt-out junkie is a once a year kind of thing (I certainly hope!)  Smeared eye makeup and lipstick for the lady in a cheap-looking messy blonde wig and for the man pale hollow cheeks from contoured blush to get the I’ve-never-seen-the-sunlight look.  If you’re really gory, make a Chelsea Hotel key set to attached to your many, many, chain accessories.  Ripped everything and trashy punk style.  Make sure to let everyone know you did it your way.


Happy Halloween!!!