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YouRockRed client Lido Pimienta wins Polaris Music Prize 2017!

A major career highlight happened for me last night for YouRockRed when Lido Pimienta won Polaris Music Prize and shout me out on CBC TV saying that it was working with me on a marketing plan really kicked her into gear towards building her team that led her to this. (who were also thanked, )

From the moment I heard La Papessa I was like, this is gonna win Polaris… AND IT DID!!!!! This morning I woke up and was like, HOLY SHIT, she accomplished everything we planned for December and January essentially overnight now. Such an incredibly deserving artist.

Congrats to Lido and her team!!!

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Polaris Prize Recap

So for the first time in the 9 years of its existence (and yes, I can recite all of the winners still), I finally attended the Polaris Music Prize on Monday, September 22 at the Carlu in Toronto… and it far exceeded my expectations.

Mac De Marco being interview by Vish Khanna

Mac De Marco being interview by Vish Khanna

There were industry mixing with artists, bloggers with journalists, and beer-drinkers rocking out to house band Dwayne Gretsky… including a very inebriated Mac De Marco later on in the evening.

I was rooting for Shad, having seen him a handful of times in 2014 including at Field Trip Festival but was convinced that Mac De Marco would be the shoe-in.

I must preface this:  I had no idea who Tanya Tagaq was.  After her performance of throat-singing with a shrieking 30 member strong choir backing her and the most metal presence I’ve seen ever, I’ll never forget her 8 minute long performance. She had 1,200 names of missing and aboriginal womens names streaming behind her while my partner and I kept turning to each other and saying, “WHAT IS THIS!?” then alternating to “This is so good.”


Obviously, Drake wasn’t in attendance, but I’m not going to lie- I freakin’ love his new album. Jay Buruchel did a great job hosting however was the token celeb not seen at the after party whereas Win Butler was casually texting and chatting with whomever would go say hello (And yes, I said hello.)

On top of the excellent live performances and overwhelmingly friendly people, there were tons of coloured 7″ vinyl singles to be snatched up.

I also met a man that has had a huge influence on my music journalism career-path, and he was completely charming.

Strombo and I.

Strombo and I.

See you all on the red-carpet next year!!