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Speaking at Kismet Thoughts – SAT APR 8 – FREE!

This Saturday, April 8 at 215 Spadina Street in Toronto I’ll be leading a FREE talk on Grant Writing & Planning for Kismet Thoughts from 12 p.m.- 2 p.m.

It’s not a panel so I’m solo on this thing but am going to be presenting a version of what I teach my students at Trebas in a condensed, casual style.

FB RSVP linked HERE 

With grant season just around the corner, don’t let this happen to you!

BSOMA Thanks! Ottawa Musicians PACK first info session

Thank you so much to the 70 people who packed Bluesfest School of Music and Art’s new venue in Westboro last Thursday night for the first ever BSOMA presents. It was a fully-sold out house and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing organizing support and creative team from Bluesfest. It was a total pleasure being able to collaborate and make this whole thing happen and a little birdie has now said that the next one will be February 2015!

bsoma me talking

From l-r: Chris Wilson and Dan Hay from Amos the Transparent, Caroline Matt of City of Ottawa, Megan Jones of Factor and me!

Big thank you to Megan Jones from Factor for making the trip from Toronto to talk to the audience.  By the way, what a diverse audience- wow! All ages, ethnicities, and GENRES.  Metalheads to folk rockers to pop singers. I feel absolutely honoured that people held on to the panelists’ words like they did.

Seriously, it’s almost a week from the fact and I’m still gushing.  It was amazing to talk to all the artists afterwards eager to set up their special BSOMA-sponsored appointments with me as YouRockRed.  People had such positive comments including “That was the best $10 I’ve ever spent,” to just telling me how inspired they feel and how they can’t wait to meet with their band that week to talk about how to get THEIR group to the next level with all this new information.  This was a first of sorts for Ottawa.  The reason I pitched the info session series concept was because I go to sessions like these all the time at music conferences like NXNE and CMW and wanted people NOT in the music industry or music-specific training programs to be able to take advantage of education/networking opportunities.  I think the mission was accomplished.

bsoma mark

Mark Monahan thanking everyone for coming out and telling the audience how these sorts of sessions are exactly what BSOMA intended to do when founded. (I’m trying to hide how much I’m smiling at those kind words but the smirk is breaking through!)

Again, big thank you to Mark Monahan, Caroline Matt of City of Ottawa and my pals in Amos the Transparent.  Beaus- your beer was much appreciated by everyone afterwards in the swanky BSOMA lounge.

I’m meeting with BSOMA this week and can’t wait to read all of your feedback.  There’s a lot of subjects that can be future conferences- I’ve got about 25 already brainstormed with min. 3 people for each.  Stay tuned here and thank you again!

All these photos are from Ming Wu and Jackpine.  Thanks for the great shots!


Look at that crowd!

Look at that crowd!

The thing about Grant Deadlines and how to reach them

Some people are great at time management but when it comes to grant writing, here’s a few tidbits of advice.  Unlike university paper, you can’t pull an all-nighter when it comes to grants.  Planning and time management play a strong role in your grant being successful.  Each of our grants take 4-6 weeks to compete… here’s why

  • -          Having your producer confirm budget prices when he’s recording a million other bands
  • -          Music video production concepts being finalized
  • -          Receiving letters of support from media/influencers endorsing your project
  • -          (reminding those media/influencers supports WHO you are)
  • -          Having your bass player get a new passport because he has somehow lost both acceptable pieces of ID (birth certificate or passport)
  • -          Signing the confidentiality agreement with YouRockRed
  • -          Figuring out what songs you want to submit for assessment and why
  • -          Having future show dates and tours not just confirmed but with an actual contract

On our side:

  • -          Talking with us via Skype, phone or in-person to determine what type of grant should be applied for
  • -          Helping you determine your goals
  • -          Confirming your team members interested in working with you provided funding is secured (publicity, booking agent, mastering studios, art work, etc.)
  • -          Writing production plans
  • -          Writing marketing plans*
  • -          Balancing budgets
  • -          Writing band biographies for a specific grant (e.g. bio of each member as required)
  • -          Completing everything at least a day in advance of the deadline to allow for editing and polishing

As you can see, grant writing isn’t as simple as 1-2-3, done in a weekend!  If you want to have a strong chance against the competition, don’t rush.  We are extremely time-efficient but if you’re not here’s a list of upcoming grant dates that we could potentially help you reach.  

October 24- Factor Juried Sound

October 31- MuchFact

December 2- OAC Popular Music Program

Email us today!