NXNE 2014 Best Bets & Stage Managing Mod Club

I’ve been booking shows for 11 years and this week I’m taking on a new challenge:  stage managing at Toronto’s Mod Club during NXNE, one of Canada’s biggest music festivals.  That means that since early May I’ve been working with the NXNE team to advance artists like Danny Brown, Pissed Jeans, P.S. I Love You, and the Cliqs.  NXNE is hosting more than 700 international, national and local bands for  frenzied but super fun 5-days.

In addition to dealing with bands, management and helping oversea event support staff in the 600 capacity venue, I’m really excited to be able to networking more while there. In all honesty, I’d be at these shows anyways if I wasn’t working them! Plus, I’m stoked to attend conferences with Suroosh Alvi (Vice founder), Chris Kaskie (Pitchfork president), and Paul Rosenberg (Goliath Artists Management).  I learned so much a the conferences at Canadian Music Week so I’m really thrilled to be doing this all over again for a different agency.

What’s cool this time is that the conferences aren’t back to back (as in, I’m not covering all them) so I get to go to rooftop shows, island shows, even what’s being called the Bruise Cruise- a floating venue (a.k.a. boat) show curated by indie darling Mac De Marco in the middle of Lake Ontario.

Last year I bounced around Dundas Square to see The National and a few small venues for some local bands but this time, I’m taking advantage of all that NXNE has to offer YouRockRed.

Here’s some highlights from Mod Club’s line-up and my own personal best bets:

Danny Brown

P.S. I Love You

Suroosh Alvi

Perfect Pussy



P.s. be sure to check out YouRockRed clients Amos the Transparent, Goodluck Assembly and Kalle Mattson across the city playing NXNE too!