Knowing what is funding is available to you as an artist

I met with a new client yesterday to talk about potential grant opportunities and got to thinking that this would be a great blog post.  As an artist, you want to focus on your music, not the business side, but if you do not treat it as a business you will only limit your opportunities, and if you know where to look, there’s plenty of them that will no doubt inspire your music.

With the new Ontario Music Fund announcement of $45 million dollars available to those in the music industry (not artists but those who support their work) I’ve been combing over the fine detailed print.  But for everyone not in industry here’s a bit of insight into what is available to you as an artist through government granting system.

Artists take note- grants are not just there to help fund your album recording

-          Apartments overseas from Paris to Germany for months at a time for song writing development

-          Informal recordings to try out new songs/styles

-          Showcase costs (e.g. getting to Great Escape Festival, SXSW)

-          Specific tour merchandise (yellow vinyl, branded toothbrushes!?)

-          Hiring your team of publicists, booking agents

-          Performing on trains across North America

-          Album art and manufacturing

-          Training with mentors

-          Viral video

-          Media development

-          Website and apps

-          Songwriting workshops, professional training opportunities

-          Music commissioning for public exhibitions (want to try your hand at a rock opera or scoring a silent film?)

There’s also the standard

-          Touring

-          Marketing

-          Music video

-          Electronic press kits

-          Travel opportunities

Want to find out where to apply?  Drop me a line at and we can talk about how you can find the right grant for you.

This is an artist I first booked over 10 years ago in rural Quebec that I was able to catch a few weeks back when he returned from his world tour.  Rob Moir just released this music video for his newest single “Cold” today and it’s perfect for the Eastern Canadian winter that’s headed our way…