Don’t Play Your Hometown- Here’s Why

Have a new band and dying to show your friends, families, friends’ cats your new material on every stage in your hometown? Don’t! When it comes to starting out as a new band you need to be strategic about how often you play to make sure people show up and you get the attention you deserve from press, industry and whoever else can help your band get to the next level.

If you’re being bombarded with messages saying “Come check out my band! Come check out my band
!” for semi-weekly or even monthly gigs it’s easy to go, “Well, I can skip this weekend because they’re playing at the end of the month.” Don’t give your fans that option.

When people are booking you they want to see that at least in your hometown at least you have a strong following.  Your local press should be the biggest cheerleaders for your group (unless you’re a fringe genre or metal band huge in Germany that’s already gotten plenty of international press).

Besides, wouldn’t you want to play to an adoring crowd of fans in your hometown than empty rooms that might have you considering a move to the arctic for a warmer welcome?

Here’s why you shouldn’t play your hometown more than every 2-3 months:

- People actually show up!
- Promoters see a big crowd that could very likely turn into more future shows
- The bar owners will be impressed if you bring a crowd and invite you back
- Your hometown press is more likely to cover it as it’s a special occasion
- Your event invites aren’t ignored
- People will take time off work, family commitments, etc. to come support your band
- It gives you time to ample promo (poster the city, send press releases, post teaser songs/vids)
- You can use social media to help build up buzz

And if you’re not in a new band but wondering why your friends aren’t showing up for your band’s gigs, maybe we’ve provided a bit of insight today.

Sing it, Bruce.