CMW, here I come!

So it’s been a bit of a crazy 2 weeks preparing for Canadian Music week on top of Ottawa Rock Lottery and regular band stuff. I’m tempted to take a photo of the banana chocolate-chip muffins I’ve just made that will be tucked into my purse between trying to break a personal record of how many shows I can go to in one night in a non-outdoor festival. (it could happen!)

I’ll be openly scouting new artists and clients the whole time and plan on being able to make some amazing connections with industry heavy weights as I will be talking to EVERYONE. Let that be a warning, friendly music-addicted redhead is on the loose.

This morning I woke up to images of M.I.A. singing on top of a bar at the launch party that had me blasting Bad Girls in the office, even though Sundays are normally my day off. So I immediately hit up the CMW Bandcamp to listen to as many artists as possible.

It’s not that I’ve put off the artists but because of grant deadlines this week, I’ve been more focused on the industry side of things like setting up meetings and researching who I’m going to be seeing at the 3-day music conference that I KNOW will blow my mind. I’ll be doing social media for Audio Blood (holla) while I watch Amanda Palmer divulge the secrets to her success and how to book frosh week if you’re an unsigned band.

So I’m in Toronto for the next 7 days where I don’t plan on sleeping since some bands go on at 3 a.m. (starting at 7 p.m.) Canadian Music Week is where industry meets unsigned, signed and all experts come together. I was in talks to be on the CMW 1 on 1 panel sessions but schedules didn’t sync up- next year!?

I’m super stoked to see the following groups- let me know the ones you think I can’t miss!

Yellerkin –

Dear Rouge

Dirty Nil –

Cam Smith –

Step Rockets –

Bestie –

No Age-

Television –

Brody Dalle (my 17 year old self still worships that woman)-