Answers to your Burning Questions…

What goes into a YouRockRed Consultation:

A ton of thought and research goes into each YouRockRed 1 hour consultation.  We’ll tailor our services and prep to serve you best. E.g. publicity for upcoming album release, funding for new album, music video production, how to hire a team.

These are just some questions that we address in our meeting and all of which can be answered and/or referred to by people we work with and trust.

What are you looking for?  Is this band a hobby or a full-time career waiting to happen?

Do you have management?  (If so, what’s their background?  See past blog posts about my thoughts on management from friends vs. a dodgy clueless person that has no idea what they’re doing).  Are you happy with them?  Are you doing everything yourself?  What do you need help with in managing your band?

Are you on a label? Who owns your music?

Do you want to stay independent?

How long have you been a band?  What other bands were you in? Who’s in the band and what’s your relationship with them like?

Where have you played?  (Not just venues, but what cities and with who?)

Do you have a booking agent?  Do you want one?

How regularly are you playing?  How often are you touring? Do you want to be touring?

Do you have a publicist?  Do you want one?

How is your music distributed?

Where have you received press?

Have you played any festivals or showcases?  Have you applied for them?

Is your Sonic Bids up to date?

Are your band photos up to date? (Being a 4 piece with a photo of only 3 band members is all sorts of confusing.)

Do you have a strong band bio? (As in under 3 paragraphs.)

Do you have a website, as in a .com? (Go to Bandzoogle ASAP!)

Are you using all basic social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube?  There’s ways (see here) that make it easy to update all of them in one click and when you ARE on festivals/showcases all of those need to be linked in your profile.

Who owns your music? Has your music been placed in any films/tv/commercials?

Has your music been on the radio? Where? When?

Where do you see your music going? (Japanese tours, TV-movies, Youtube sitcoms?)

In an ideal world, who do you want to record/play with? What steps need to be made to get there? (Chances are you already know the beginning of them.)

Are you trying to turn this into a career?  How willing are you to go on tour/record outside of your home town and give up family commitments/financial stability. 

It’s cool if you just want to jam on the weekends with your friends, but if that’s the case, YouRockRed may not be for you. We’re in the business of supporting professional musicians and artists.

Have you applied for grants before?  Why not?

If you’re seeking funding, what do you want the money for specifically?  Come prepared, e.g. dream producer X, or I want to go song write in Paris. These are all things we can help with.  Don’t just say, I heard there’s money for bands to record. If you were really interested, you would do a bit of research yourself (Factor website here) to determine if you’re ready.  I’ve got tons of answers but email is a time gatekeeper and questions like this often go unanswered because they show you’re not dedicated professionally.  When my clients come to me, chances are they’ve got marketing ideas and a solid few songs demo’ed (even if just on their phone) to show me.

What is your biggest challenge and how can I help you reach your goals?


I’ll listen to the music you sent me on soundcloud. I’ll download a demo zip file and listen for the potential. I’ll watch all your Vimeo and Youtube videos (or at least go over each to have an idea of where you’re at).  I’ll look up interviews with your band. I’ll look up your label if I’m not already familiar with it. I’ll read your band bio. I’ll make notes on it. I’ll write down bands to consider being compared to.

I’ll put on your album as I’m making lunch or dinner to see how it plays out as background music (or if it’s a dance party).  I’ll look up where you’ve played recently. I’ll look up your Instagram. I’ll look up your Twitter. I’ll note if you’ve been active recently on these forums. I’ll recommend how to reach out better.  (Basically I do a full social media audit regardless of if you’re only interested in publicity or meeting a new producer/tour agent.)

I’ll note record labels that may be interested. I’ll write down producers’ names to master. I’ll write down festivals that you are playing and check them out. I’ll note how many Youtube hits you’ve gotten on one video. I’ll also note if there’s any controversial/NSFW type content.

Any sort of research on the band that I can find linked on your website/social media will be looked into so that when we do meet, I may know a little too much about the group in order to best serve you.

Basically when I meet you, I’m fully prepared to talk about how to advance YOUR career.  We love being able to inspire artists to be able to reach their full potential. 

This may seem a little harsh, but we know you take your music seriously and want to help YOU ROCK.