8 Best Canadian Rock Music Films- Happy Canada Day!

There’s tons of amazing American rock films from Almost Famous to Detroit Rock City but this is the definitive list of great Canadian rock music films.

One Week

OK, OK so a former Dawson’s Creek actor stars in this film. Scratch what you think, this is the perfect Canadian rock film. The film includes cameos from Joel Plaskett, Gord Downie and Emm Gryner. The soundtrack includes Sam Roberts, Great Lake Swimmers and even our own clients The Sunparlour Players!  The plot: Jackson’s character has been given one week left before he undergoes cancer therapy so be buys a motorcycle to drive across Canada running into colourful characters and doing all the traditional road trip stuff.

Anvil: The Story of Anvil

So this film is actually a documentary but it plays like a hilarious Canadian version of Spinal Tap.  The ultimate Canadian metal band with tons of metal cameos from other heavy hitters like Black Sabbath and Slash.

This Movie is Broken

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love BSS. When this film came out I couldn’t contain my joy at the fact that there was an improvised romantic drama mixed with tons and tons of BSS concert footage.

Festival Express

Honorary spot goes to this 1970 train tour that saw Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead and The Band stop in three Canadian cities (Calgary, Toronto and Winnipeg).  Lots of live show footage, raw rehearsals on the train with great


Another extreme Canadiana film that just gives ‘er when it comes to all things Canadian indie-metal.

Hard Core Logo

Director Bruce MacDonald also directed This Movie is Broken, but this one couldn’t not be included. This mockumentary is the first appearance of Billy Talent (and where the punk band got their name).  The Vancouver punk band is “followed” by a doc crew as they get their band together for an anti-gun benefit and captures the drama that ensues.

Trailer Park Boys

Even if you’re not a fan of Bubbles and the gang, the sound track to this movie is great. Rush, Alexisonfire, etc.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

So this may be up for debate as it’s got co-production rights to the UK and USA however it’s all shot in various Toronto night clubs like Lee’s Palace and Adelaide Hall. While shopping along Queen Street the two main characters also pop into Sonic Boom to get their non-Metric-Metric fix.  Also kudos to Pilgrim for wearing the Canadian indie band t for Plumtree.

Now go party like rock stars for Canada Day like Gord Downie and Joshua Jackson in this One Week image.

Now go party like rock stars for Canada Day like Gord Downie and Joshua Jackson in this One Week image.