7 Musicians you didn’t know were Oscar Winners

I’ve got a bias when it comes to watching the Oscars.  While Leo will always have my heart, I’m really interested in the music nominees.  John Williams has enough Oscars to go around but watching Karen O and Ezra from Vampire Weekend perform the quietest, sweetest acoustic song from Her could draw in anyone from around the world- and there was close to a billion people watching.  Same goes for U2′s performance of “Ordinary Love”- stripping down to really present the honesty of the emotions and lyrics behind it.

For fun I decided to share with you some musicians you may not know also have Oscars:

Cher.  Moonstruck is still one of my favourite romantic comedy movies EVER.  She won for best actress in 1988.


Jason Segel and Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords.  That they were able to win an Oscar by writing a heart-felt duet with a Muppet – magical.  And not only can Jason sing, the man can write great music too as heard in Forgetting Sara Marshall!  This won for Best Original Song in 2010.


Bob Dylan for Wonder Boys in 2000 for “Times have Changed”.  This is a film any writer should watch featuring Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire and Ironman himself as a pill-addicted-washed-up publisher.  This won for Best Original Song.


Trent Reznor.  The pretty hate machine himself stepped away from the mic to create the incredible pulsating, techno/industrial soundtrack for The Social Network in 2010.


The Beatles.  Best Score for their doc, Let it Be.  Because things were so difficult within the band though, Quincy Jones accepted on their behalf in 1970- the same year they broke up.
the beatles


David Byrne won for scoring The Last Emperor in 1987.  The Talking Heads frontman is pure genius.


And of course Prince for Purple Rain in 1984 for the title song of that same film.


And just because they didn’t win that year, doesn’t mean this clip couldn’t be included.  Here is Robin Williams performing South Park‘s Oscar-nominated song, “Blame Canada,” in all of it’s truly offensive manner.