10 Reasons Why You Should Have Gone To Field Trip Fest

When it was announced that Field Trip Festival would be returning for a second year at a full 2 days instead of one, I knew I needed to be there. As far as I was concerned as long as the lineup included Broken Social Scene I was happy.  I proclaimed on social media since that festival in 2013 that was so full of smiling kids, dancing and just the best happy-go-lucky-indie-rock vibe was the best I’d attended (and this time they didn’t run out of beer!)

Field Trip 2014 beat all expectations… and here’s a breakdown why. 

Not Just Indie

It was so cool that it wasn’t the traditional indie rock bands that were soley booked.  Shad, the Polaris-nominated rapper spat out his rhymes- one of my personal favourites being, “The only thing I love more than rapping is napping.”  Napping is on the menu once this blog post is done.


Rapper Shad



Canadian Celebrities Everywhere

Canadian indie-celebs hanging out everywhere – oh hello Ron Sexsmith, hello Jian Ghomeshi (whom I saw 3 times!), Rich Aucoin, Youtube bloggers and members of Broken Social Scene just wandering around everywhere… (including Brandon Canning who was hilariously in line for BSS autographs)


Feist’s new band Hydra- the 4 members photographed here are all in BSS. To quote a friend, they make the music you would run through a forest to. Unexpectedly beautiful.



Reunions = Happy Place

Watching the Constantines with Torquil Campbell of Stars and raising our arms up together in unison to “Crime of Passion.”  When they opened with Draw Us Lines I couldn’t help but to think of an old lover who would always get me to yell out to this primal scream driving around listening to the song Working Full Time (Seriously listen to this song HERE at .18 seconds in).  My friends who weren’t all that familiar with the Constantines were still won over but I had goosebumps for much of their set.  My dearest friends, my favourite Canadian band rocking out beside me, a summer festival and beer in hand- it pretty much didn’t get better than that.

Well again, aside from seeing my CBC boyfriend Jian Ghomeshi walking around casually between the two stages that couldn’t be more polar different at times.  Hip hop vs. Chvrches.  Lord Huron was kind of disappointing and Lowell I was bored at but overall all the music was excellent.  There were bigger crowds than last year but the general comment was what a “chill” festival it was.

The Constatines- again did not bring my Canon D600- just Iphone.

The Constantines- again did not bring my Canon D600- just Iphone.



Seeing Ottawa band A Tribe Called Red get thousands of people doing a round dance and of course, dancing uncontrollably.  I was a very proud Ottawan and even though I was tired I couldn’t stop dancing. I usually see them in a small packed club and barely have any room to dance so looking around and seeing people of all ages and backgrounds just losing it to their pow-wow beats was really inspiring.

tribe called red field trip

A Tribe Called Red



Furry Mascots Rocking the Fuck Out

Having no expectations for Bad Bad Not Good so when their instrumental jazz fusion, or whatever you call it, go rocked out to by a furry lion mascot dancer that proceeded to crowd surf and throw down in the audience as if he was in Wu Tang Clan.

field trip friends

We look tame in this photo but fellow Redheaded friends that rocked out together.


Fucked Up Breaking Every Hardcore Punk Band Expectation

Watching Damian Abraham of Fucked Up win over anyone who said they aren’t into punk or hardcore and proceeding to proclaim a vendetta on all CBC Music beach volley balls which he tore into hats with his teeth while sharing the mic.  He also had his son, who may be 3 come sing, Dying on the Inside, on stage with him.  His son held the mic and watched his dad run around the entire field with a big smile on his face.  Damian’s wife held his other baby with huge headphones from the side stage.  And then Gord Downie showed up to sing THIS song with him looking like a cowboy in a Stetson hat.  I mean, the festival couldn’t have been MORE Canadian at that point…

fucked up

Fucked Up



Broken Social Scene Being Broken Social Scene

Until Broken Social Scene took the stage. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Broken Social Scene fan.  They are essentially the sound of university.  I was so lucky to be able to attend the Stars/Kevin Drew/Tribe Called Red Google Play Plus launch during Canadian Music Week and that was hands down the best show I saw the whole week because it really felt like an intimate personal show for me alone (ok, and the other 200 people there).  Now they didn’t play Lovers’ Spit or Anthems for a 17 Year Old Girl, but they played an awesome mix of old and new stuff. I found the set-list later on Instagram and my friends on the way back to Ottawa proceeded to listen to their entire discography.  In order to prep however, watching This Movie is Broken had to be watched.  I should do another post about how similar that film is to my life too in the future.  Basically, I love putting musicians together and seeing the creativity flourish.  This is a band that I wish played more regularly but if they just reunite for an annual show in Toronto, I’m also ok with that.


Fuzzy but was still up close for their entire set- Broken Social Scene



Kevin Drew believing in Arts and Crafts  

Kevin Drew was obviously so excited to be playing with the 20+ members of BSS that were able to join him on stage for closing out Sunday night.  He brought his dad on to thank for encouraging him to continue on.  He was easily spotted in the crowd rocking out but just the day before he released this music video with Feist and Zach Galifanakis that gave me so much hope for what the Canadian government is able to fund.  Feist of course came out to play To the World with him too.  He sang the sexiest songs true, but I also just have so much respect for what he’s been able to do with Arts and Crafts.


Full set list

Full set list


Kids Everywhere

Glowing hula-hoops, a kid stage with Kevin Drew on acoustic guitar, bouncing castle, crafts and face painting between the fort doors that divided the two stage areas.  Kudos has to go to the organizers. It really is such a well-run festival and having children be admitted for free just makes it so much of a happier safe space.  Plus, some of those kids had more style than me.

have fun

Not difficult to do!



Canada Rocks

This weekend was a shining beacon of why the Canadian music scene is so amazing.  There were only a handful of international bands but it was the Toronto and Ottawa ones that held their own and proved why we are so awesome.

halfmoonrun field trip

Half Moon Run – from 15 minutes away in Quebec!


Moral of the story:  go next year!