YouRockRed at Iceland Airwaves15!

Instead of going to Iceland Airwaves last year I decided to be responsible and put down first and last on my home in Toronto. Fast-forward to last Saturday and I’ve been all over Iceland by the time you read this, renting cars to traverse glaciers, jumping into the Blue Lagoon, drinking some delicious Icelandic beer, checking out viking lore, looking for Bjork and getting friendly with the local hotspots.

Reykjavik is smaller than Kingston, Ontario, and a place I never thought I’d get to. After living both in Europe and North America, Iceland is still an island of its own that only when I was playing “spin-the-globe” with my sister in grade school did I ever think I’d land on. Now I couldn’t be more excited to visit this magical country. I’m also going to be attending the Nonference as I’m there as industry, so come say hi!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @urockred and Instagram @urockred while there! #airwaves15

Example of weird and wonderful Icelandic music I’ll be rocking out to… Stay tuned for a list tomorrow of the top 30 bands you can’t miss!!