Your Band’s New BFF – How to Use Hootsuite

The value of pre-scheduling your online content
It’s Sunday night as I sit and write this- the only non-work night I reserve for just relaxing… most of the time. But here I am preparing for a press conference for tomorrow’s Ottawa Rock Lottery media launch and writing a million media info sheets, proofing commercials last minute, Boomeranging press release emails so that I can pick up newly revised concert posters from the printer early a.m. before yoga.
Yeah. I’m sure many of you can relate to the feeling that there’s not enough time in the day. The trick is for musicians, promoters, and their team is to use the online tools to make sure you don’t turn into a crazy person.
Enter Hootsuite. I’m shocked that more creatives don’t use this actually. You can schedule your WordPress, Twitter, FB, Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, Reddit- basically any social network is on there to make your life easier.
This way you can:
1. Share the workload with your band – one person kicks ass at blogging whereas another one always checks in on Foursqaure when you’re on tour.

2. Measure the success of your posts/interactions through analytics. Sometimes a post about your cats digging the new vinyl will be more popular than you talking about a dream producer… always good to know what the audience wants!

3. Save time! How many times have you been on the road, distracted creatively, or just not able to compose your thoughts? This allows you to plan super far in advance so that you can be that crazy effective night owl and still look like you’re up interacting with your fans at 10 a.m. when you’re posting about the coffee that inspired your album. Strategic, right? You connect according to timing and open yourself up to a new audience.
Have a real job? You can tell your employers you aren’t tweeting/fb’ing/soundclouding while at work because, hey! You actually DID set everything up in advance. Your band can live and breed online even while you’re not around. Sexy huh?
… So why are you not on there yet?!
Next week I’ll discuss how to apply these tools if you do your own PR.


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