The thing about Grant Deadlines and how to reach them

Some people are great at time management but when it comes to grant writing, here’s a few tidbits of advice.  Unlike university paper, you can’t pull an all-nighter when it comes to grants.  Planning and time management play a strong role in your grant being successful.  Each of our grants take 4-6 weeks to compete… here’s why

  • -          Having your producer confirm budget prices when he’s recording a million other bands
  • -          Music video production concepts being finalized
  • -          Receiving letters of support from media/influencers endorsing your project
  • -          (reminding those media/influencers supports WHO you are)
  • -          Having your bass player get a new passport because he has somehow lost both acceptable pieces of ID (birth certificate or passport)
  • -          Signing the confidentiality agreement with YouRockRed
  • -          Figuring out what songs you want to submit for assessment and why
  • -          Having future show dates and tours not just confirmed but with an actual contract

On our side:

  • -          Talking with us via Skype, phone or in-person to determine what type of grant should be applied for
  • -          Helping you determine your goals
  • -          Confirming your team members interested in working with you provided funding is secured (publicity, booking agent, mastering studios, art work, etc.)
  • -          Writing production plans
  • -          Writing marketing plans*
  • -          Balancing budgets
  • -          Writing band biographies for a specific grant (e.g. bio of each member as required)
  • -          Completing everything at least a day in advance of the deadline to allow for editing and polishing

As you can see, grant writing isn’t as simple as 1-2-3, done in a weekend!  If you want to have a strong chance against the competition, don’t rush.  We are extremely time-efficient but if you’re not here’s a list of upcoming grant dates that we could potentially help you reach.  

October 24- Factor Juried Sound

October 31- MuchFact

December 2- OAC Popular Music Program

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