Reflections on 2013 & How 2014 is Gonna Rock!

Around this time of year people write resolutions.  We’d rather share what we’ve learned in 2013. 

YouRockRed is barely 6 months old and it’s already the beginning of a new year!  When 2013 rolled around I had no idea that I’d be starting this company.  I was busy writing 3 (3!!!) columns for Metro News Ottawa on music, events and food and balancing a social media contract for a charitable organization.  On top of that I was in the throes of organizing the 5th Ottawa Rock Lottery, what was to be my major event of the year. Writing grant apps for Kelp Records was still part of my workload last Winter too.

And now how everything has changed!  I’m thrilled at how well YouRockRed is going.  I’m so proud of my clients successes and am blessed to be able to call all of them friends. (Kalle Mattson is headed to Europe on his first European tour next week and Goodluck and Sunparlour are recording new LPs that I can’t wait to hear more of and Zoo Legacy and The Strain are making kick-ass demos!) When I started YouRockRed I thought I’d have way more consulting clients over management-type but that’s cool, it’s something new every day.  I’m going to be in Toronto a lot during the Spring doing this.

This year I’d like to branch out into being able to do more conferences (as in being on the panels) as well as attending them.  I went to 9 music and arts festivals last year and they served an excellent crash course for music industry training every time.  I grew up being a writer and I learn best by observing and experiencing.  I also just love talking shop about the music industry.  I know I will be traveling a LOT more in 2014.

A major highlight happened only a few weeks ago when I learned that ALL of our YouRockRed clients Factor grants for demo and Juried Sound were successful.

There’s been some lessons along the way.  I’ve said it from the beginning but honesty and integrity are so important to how I run this business.  Running a band is like running a company- if you’re not organized, it ain’t gonna happen!  It’s been difficult to turn down potential clients but given how many artists are in need of our services in Canada and the time involved, I unfortunately have to say no to many prospective clients as artists have to be at a certain professional level with album sales, touring history, press coverage to make it worthwhile for both of us.  That’s why I encourage those not quite there yet to set up consultations with YouRockRed to be set on the right path!

It’s been amazing to befriend industry professionals in 2013 who echo this and are still so passionate and genuine about helping artists achieve their goals.  Their advice and guidance has been crucial to YouRockRed’s growth.

In addition to going full force with YouRockRed, I’ve taken on a major role as the festival manager of the Ottawa International Film Festival that will become the basis for the next year’s worth of work.

So to all of you, YouRockRed is wishing you a very rockin’ and Happy New Year!

- Samantha

NYE greeting