Overwhelmed? Stop talking about it and just DO IT.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re going the DIY route.

Like most entrepreneurs existing in self-employment/freelance/DIY land, artists understand the frustration with having too many projects on the go and not nearly enough time to tackle all their creative in one go. There’s always another promoter to follow-up with, a sponsorship proposal to confirm, album art to conceptualize.  Thoughts of, “this is too much,” “what does it matter that an extra hour or two didn’t go into this project?” “Is anyone even going to show up at the gig,” make it easy to get discouraged.

I actually have a hard time sitting still – not because of ADHD- but because my ideas are usually bubbling over (to which my business advisor normally pats me on the back and says, “Let’s try to go for 3 ideas instead of a dozen, ok Sam?”) After years of freelance journalism I know the point of the day to which I’m just not able to get anything done and need to rest in order to re-ignite those million ideas into action… but I write them down for later.

Us creatives want to take on the world! We want to share our art.  We want to inspire and motivate others! It just can be difficult to take time for yourself to get to that point because you can build it up so much in your mind that just the task of drafting an email can be daunting.

Don’t let that happen.  I don’t want to quote Nike but I was listening to Under the Influence with Terry O’Reilley on CBC last weekend and he spoke of the power of their slogan and how it’s permeated all non-sports culture.  Fascinating and effective. Just do it (and listen to the podcast HERE). 

I personally have this hanging in my office along with sticker on my desk that says “Mother fucking girl power!!!” with a woman cracking a whip.  Makes sense.

just fucking create something

Basically the worst thing you can do as an entrepreneur and indie artist is to sit and let yourself get overwhelmed with all you “should do.”  The reality is, you’ve put yourself in that position.  You’ve set expectations for yourself – even though I know it’s easy to blame other band members as there’s always one leader but if you’re really passionate, that person should be you.  And if that’s not your band, find another group of people that are just as motivated. They are the ones that will take you to the places/goals/dreams you want.

Truthfully discipline and organization is what will allow you to complete the mammoth-sized tasks and goals you set for yourself. Grab a ton of notepads and never be without your phone to jot done any thoughts/ideas/melodies.  Inspiration is everywhere.  Just walking out your front door at THIS very second could change your life. Let it.

It’s great to have tons of ideas and talk about them but if you’re not going to act- what’s the point. I’m going to end with a quote from the Canadian punk pioneer Joey Shithead. Talk – Minus Action = Zero.

So go fucking do it.