Lisztomania – The Importance of Being Organized as a Professional Artist

You’ve heard it before from the biggest names- Treat your band like you would a business.  I’m currently sitting here sending off invoices to clients and following up with little check marks in fancy table graphs for what grants have been applied to, whether the results have been made public, which officers to check in with for payment transfers and which clients have been sent a reminder email to pay the lady in red (me!).


I’ve always been one for making huge lists.  There’s literally stacks of notebooks around the YouRockRed office filled with them, but lists for bands are just as important.  Keeping a running list in Excel of where you’ve received press, what country, what outlet, a LINK (super important), date things were published- all of this has a HUGE impact on you.  Otherwise you’re combing through past Google Alerts (which if you don’t already have set up for your band STOP and do that RIGHT NOW!) trying to find that amazing review where the writer obviously was crushing hard on your live set.


Same goes for keeping a strict account record of ALL of your performances.  Don’t rely on your team to keep your Sonic Bids up!  You as an artist need to know exactly where you’ve performed.  There could be an incredible promoter you want to follow up with but if you’re doing 20+ dates how are you going to remember if all your press release says is that you played Thunder Bay?  You want that PHONE number of that promoter.  Also Factor requires all contact information to verify dates if you do indeed get audited.  A quick note about how many people were in attendance too on top of recording your albums sold and getting it signed for SOCAN is also super important.


All of this may seem so simple it’s almost laughable but there’s been countless acts I’ve seen not have their shit together and it affects their ability to run the band like a business because of their lack of organization.  It’s great to be able to focus on artistry but just being able to PASS this information on to a responsible team member or hired help (label, PR, etc.) makes your life as an artist SO much easier.


That’s today’s music industry lesson.  Now go make questionable rock and roll snowmen.

kiss snowman