8 Ways to Wish Your Fans Happy Holidays – Part 2

This blog is Part 2 of last week’s post on how to interact with and gain attention to your band over this holiday season.

If you don’t have time for a holiday cover song, these are your next best bets for optimal social media, fan connections and press coverage opportunities:

1.  Throw your band members in Santa hats and do an acoustic song of your own with well wishes at the end

2.  Make an excuse for an eggnog party this weekend and get all your friends and fans in reindeer ears.  Post photos with a hashtag (#) #holidayswXband – you can just grab a regular notebook for them to hold up with a bow on it.

3.  Perform a new song of yours with a Christmas-y background. e.g. Christmas tree, snowman outside

4.  Do a time-lapse video of a snowman melting with a new song of yours playing in the background

5.  Christmas sweater time!  I’d love to see a punk band throwing down in really Cosby-colourful sweaters

6.  Insert Santa, or some sort of holiday-reference into some of your lyrics.

Don’t have time for a song?

  1. Make a well-wish video to your fans that could literally just be Merry Christmas from X- band, I baked these cookies for you, oh sorry, you’re not here?  I’ll just eat them for you and mmm, they’re so good.  While you’re watching them you should go download our new album HERE.
  2. Release a special “Christmas present” to your fans through a new song made available for free

* All of these can be turned into band memes and hilarious instagrams that can re-direct your fans, potential promoters and agents to purchase your albums and re-direct to the website so DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE WEBSITE, DOWNLOAD LINKS and CONTACT INFO in ALL of your video uploads.