Getting stoked for Indie Week & Chatting to College Students

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking on Music Entrepreneurship at Algonquin College to a class of about 75 for an hour.  It was so much fun! The students are pursuing diplomas in Music Industry Arts and had loads of questions for me about what my daily schedule looks like, challenges of being a woman in the music industry and just how to get to running your own business.

I ended up staying to chat to another handful of students afterwards about their bands, their career prospects in Canada and abroad- it was honestly so inspiring to see that people in my hometown of Ottawa were dedicated to working in music as there was no program like that when I was in post-secondary. (My studies were focused on Liberal Arts in college followed by Film and English in university, which I have no complaints about but having this option close to home would have been advantageous…. then again, my job couldn’t have existed 11 years ago when I first started!

(I’ve been invited to speak at another highly respected music institution too in the next month so stayed tuned for more info!)

Indie week photo

I walked away feeling so pumped for this week’s speaking engagement at Indie Week in Toronto (October 13-18).  I’ll be joining some of the industry’s leading professionals and artists in the field on the subject of Funding Your Project (RSVP or more info HERE).

And they’re putting me to work! I’ll be an official judge on Friday night’s band showcase at the Silver Dollar so look out for the friendly redhead and be sure to say hi.


Thanks, Algonquin!