6 Things Indie Bands NEED in their Email Signatures

The new year comes along and I still see the same problems when it comes to receiving band pitches for themselves and albums.  This blog post is going to be short and sweet.

Things to include in your email signature:

  • Contact phone number – you’d be amazed how often this doesn’t get included- even if it’s your manager’s #

Hyperlink the following: 

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube – link to most recent single – Check out our new single (This will then show up as an attachment but looks way better than a huge file JPEG of your band)
  • Bandcamp/Itunes/Soundcloud with your new album and date it was released “Listen here!

Other optional links:

  • Instagram
  • Tour schedule- In Italics- optional but beneficial if you’re not sending a press release exclusively about it through your publicist e.g. “We’re currently on tour for X album…” and list no more than 5 dates

Oh, and sign your name, for goodness sake!  As someone reading it in the industry, I want to know who’s written to me be it the drummer or lead singer.

Reporters and music industry folks are busy, busy people and don’t have time to go looking for your bandcamp link or wherever to be able to hear your music.