Ottawa Polaris Party Re-cap

The music conference talk that inspired Ottawa's first Polaris Screening with CBC personality Alan Neal, founder Steve Jordan and respected local journalists

The music conference talk that inspired Ottawa’s first Polaris Screening with CBC personality Alan Neal, founder Steve Jordan and respected local journalists

So I attended an industry-only salon talk on the Polaris Music Prize barely two weeks ago on a Wednesday night.  It was so enlightening and just downright fascinating hearing from the Jurors and founder Steve Jordan their insight on how the process works and why the award is so important.  As I was biking home much later than expected after this talk at the NAC I thought to myself, why don’t we have a live screening in Ottawa?  Toronto has one at the Drake that’s popular and I’m tired of yelling at my laptop and passively aggressively tweeting whenever my favourite band doesn’t win so I should do this.

By Thursday afternoon I had a venue booked, Babylon, and host for the audio visual component, Jackpine.  By Friday I had major media calling me to cover the event. By Friday afternoon I had a pile of limited edition Polaris coloured 7″ vinyl and t-shirts that had been donated by Compact Music.  On Saturday morning I had been emailed by the founder telling me that YouRockRed had his “full blessing” for the event.

Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and know that what you’re doing has not only appeal, but sense of purpose for the collective (in this case Canadian music fans).  Plus, hosts Shad and Kathleen Edwards gave a major shout out to our event on the ACTUAL Broadcast!

I’ve been event managing since I was 17 but I have never thrown together a show in less than three days.  We arranged all the couches at Babylon so that it was like a friends living room that we were all watching together.  I went to the dollar store and picked up some cute snack boxes for people to put their munchies into.  It’s the small things like that that make a difference, I find.  The place quickly filled up with people who had learned of the event via social media or radio and everyone had a great time.

We wound up with coverage in Ottawa Magazine, Ottawa Citizen, CBC Bandwidth, Ottawa Morning CBC, CBC TV News 11 p.m., CKCU and half a dozen local blogs.

citizenpolaris coverage

media coverage!

polaris screening ladies

Happy audience members.